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We love gold. We know you do too. That's why we made units to capture the fine gold that is found in the Fraser River and all over BC. Every spec counts!

We got into the business of making highbankers by accident. We purchased a highbanker for ourselves and well, it turned out to be very very poor to say it nicely. It had carpet and expanded metal on it with too weak of an electric water pump and lost about 40% of the fine gold out the end. We ended up finding Gold Hog(tm) matting and built our own unit from scratch adding in the things that were missing from all the other units on the market that we needed.

Stoney River Ventures Prospector Series Highbankers;

    1) Come as a kit - each has an electric water pump (or suggested gas pump) that matches the suggested water flow to capture gold for that specific unit. No more guessing where to start on water flow!

    2) Come with a pre-set level on the side that shows you the suggested starting angle to put the highbanker at. Tilt the adjustable legs until the level buble is in the center and then its set at the suggested starting angle to catch fine and course gold on the Gold Hog(tm) matting. No more guessing on what angle to start at!

    3) Come small and light or with WHEELS. Many prospectors and miners have the exact same problem we ran into. It's quite rare, if not impossible to have a claim where you just drive right up to where you want to work and unload your equipment from your truck. Everyone has to walk "some" distance to get to their work site on their claim. I'm sure I've burst my spleen a couple of times (at least it feels like that sometimes) hauling massive equipment on my shoulders to the claim and back. Equipment should be extremely light or have WHEELS so you can load it up like a wheelbarrow or bike cart and roll it over the rocks to your claim.

Once we built these units for ourselves, we found there was a huge need for them in the Prospecting/Mining Community because EVERYONE was having the same problems we were.

We have Pre-tested and Pre-set highbankers that set up and clean up in minutes, easy to move, come with the best matting in the business and are great price!

We are proud to present to you the Made in BC Prospector Series of High Bankers by Stoney River Ventures.

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Our machines are proudly made in Canada

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Our Highbankers use gold hog matting

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